How diabetes is affecting people’s health?

Diabetes is one of the fastest-growing health conditions of the 21’st century. There are around 463 million people living with Diabetes. IDF estimates 578 million adults will have diabetes by the year 2030 and 700 million by 2045.
There are a lot of health issues that can arise when diabetics are not controlled. A few of them are mentioned below:

Skin complications :
Diabetes can cause bacterial skin infections, fungal Infections, and itches. Although these bacterial infections used to be life-threatening but not anymore, thanks to advanced medical science.

Eyesight :
Diabetes can cause eye problems and even blindness. People with diabetes are at a high risk of blindness as compared to people without diabetes. The eye complications can be prevented by taking proper care and going for regular checkups. Minor problems can be treated and even major issues can be treated if done right.

Kidney Complications:
Diabetes can cause complications in the kidney. As a person is diabetic their blood sugar levels are high and that makes the kidney filter a lot of blood and this way the kidney starts getting complications. A diabetic person with maintained blood pressure and under-controlled blood sugar levels can avoid kidney complications or get treated in the early stages.

Heart Complications:
Diabetes affects the heart majorly as most of the death among diabetic patients is because of heart complications. People with diabetes are more likely to get heart -stroke as compared to people with no diabetics. A diabetic patient can avoid heart complications by maintaining a healthy diet and also by having proper blood sugar level management.
These were some of the health conditions of having Diabetes. It is as dangerous as common it is. It affects the body in many ways so it is better to keep diabetes in check and always maintain blood glucose levels.

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