Myths about Diabetes

When it comes to diabetes there are a lot of myths floating around. In this blog let’s read a few of them and know the truth behind them.

  • Consuming sugar can cause diabetes.

You must have heard it once in your lifetime someone saying “don’t eat a lot of sweets/sugar you may get diabetes!” isn’t it? But is it true? Can we actually get diabetes from having sugar? Well, the answer is No! Consuming sugar somehow affects our blood sugar level but it is not purely responsible for diabetes. Diabetes is caused when our body cannot use the glucose present in our blood. Basically, diabetes is caused by deficiency or inefficiency of the hormone Insulin. Insulin is responsible for helping cells in using the glucose present in our blood to produce energy.

  • A Diabetic patient can never eat sweets.

That is not true, a diabetic patient can actually eat sweets but they should keep in check how their blood glucose level is reacting. It is preferable if they save this sweet opportunity for some special occasion or when they want to treat themselves.

  •  Pre-diabetes means no diabetes.

In the case of Pre-diabetes, the patient actually has a high level of blood glucose level but it is not high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes but that doesn’t make a person out of the dangers of diabetes.

  •  Stop taking diabetic medicines when blood glucose level is under control.

Sometimes people get their blood sugar levels in control by maintaining a healthy diet and doing exercise. It is a progressive disease and after some time you may need to take medicines again to maintain your blood sugar levels in control.

  • You cannot eat fruits.

Fruits can be eaten by a diabetic patient but some fruit contains more natural sugar as compared to others. It is suggested that a diabetic person should eat fruits but in a balanced proportion.

  • Sugar free products are healthy.

Sugar-free products contain less sugar but can also contain a high level of carbohydrates. Our body converts carbohydrates into glucose and taking high levels of carbohydrates can also affect rising blood glucose levels.

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